Monday, July 5, 2010

" worth it "

I spent the night in my friend Thelma's house while on a trip home from NYC.
We drank 3 bottles of red wine and I am not sure, but have being told that we moved to a bottle of whiskey.
I felt like a total waster when her husband got up for work and began getting their 2 children ready for school.
My head sank in shame as I tried to keep my black wine stained teeth covered.

After about a 2 hr sleep my mother came to pick me up to take me home.
I struggled up the stairs to apologize for her terrible hangover. My head pounding with every step .

She was lying on the bed facing the ceiling arms outstretched with a bucked beside the bed .
I delicately sat at the corner of the bed and sheepishly inquired "are you dying" ?, expecting a determined promise of abstinence for eternity.
Instead without opening her eyes or moving she groaned in a hoarse voice " yeah, but it was worth it'

Love you Thelma, it did slightly soften the level of shame, although laughing hurt.

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